In 2006 Rodger L. Fox had an idea to raise money for the American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life".  His plan was to get people to sponsor him to ride Old Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, California.  That first year raised around $3,500.  People gave him $66 at the start and another $66 if he finished.  Not only did he finish but got some national attention from a magazine called Wing World (a Honda Motorcycle Club organization).  This put his name out there and he started getting calls as to when he would be making the ride the following year.  Rodger had only planned to do this once but thought maybe another year would be fun and maybe more than just him would make it a little better fundraiser.  To make a long story a little shorter, he did it for 10 years (2015 was suppose to be the last year to ride Route 66), and was joined by over 233 people who went all the way (All the Way Gang) on motorcycles and in cars and trucks and motor homes.  The group over the 10 years raised over $250,000 with all of it going to the American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life".  It wasn't just the "All the Way Gang" but hundreds of people made donations and rode part of the way to help find a Cure For Cancer.

2016 the Ride for the Relay had it's first Ride for the Relay Reunion in Decorah, Iowa.  It was hosted by the Bird Family with Chad Bird being the leader.  It was a great success and a lot of fun.  It is hard to explain all the excitement we had.  The placing of the Memory Rocks at the creek near the camp grounds to the great Rides in the area, it was a great success.  Click on the memu above for "1st Annual Reunion 2016".

2017 the Ride for the Relay Reunion was in Evansville, Indiana.  Click on the menu above for "Second Annual Reunion 2017".  Host Scott and Christina Whitfield did a wonderful job of hosting the event and making everyone feel welcome.  If you could not join us but wanted to help, you can click the DONATE BUTTON below or mail your donation to:

2018 the Ride for the Relay Reunion was in Springfield, Missouri.  Click on the menu above for "Third Annual Reunion 2018".  Host Roy and Virgina Steager did such a great job and got us so excited about Route 66 that we are going to Ride it again in 2019.  Watch this web site for all the latest information.  Roy and Virgina the work you put into this Reunion was awesome just like you guys.

2019----Guess what?  We rode Route 66 again but this time we did it backwards.  We started in California and ended in Illinois.  There we 33 of us that went all the way but several that travel part of the way.  Thanks to all those riders we raised almost $10,000 that will be donated to the American Cancer Society.  Now back home working on the 2020 15 year celebration.  I wonder what 2021 will bring????

Rodger L. Fox

63 E. Central Park Plaza

Jacksonville, Illinois 62650

​If you have questions please call 217-473-1525.

                Ride for the Relay 2023

We are going to have a party, rally, reunion, get together, a meeting of friends

or what ever you want to call it, we just want to see everyone.  So here is the 

​line up.  This will be a Fundraiser.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Ride for the Relaygathering at our home.

Rodger and Sue Fox's

#5 Book Lane,

Jacksonville, IL 62650

All afternoon and evening come and go.

We will be grilling, smoking and having a few drinks

We will furnish all the food and soft drinks but BYOB if you want a little more

Donations will be excepted.

There will also be lots of memories and laughther???

​Sunday, September 4, 202

We have nothing planned for Sunday.  We invite you all to come to church with us at 10AM, church will be over by 11am and from there we will play it by ear.  Come to our house and have a cup of coffee or glass of tea and we can make a plan for lunch.

Look who come last year, how to them this year

Roy and Virgina Staeger ------------------------ Missouri

​Butch and Judy Royce -------------------------------- Ohio

​Steve Conro ------------------------------------------- Illinois

Chris and Jim Buechner ---------------------- Wisconsin

Dick Schultz -------------------------------------- Wisconsin

Gregory Peters --------------------------------------- Illinois

Bobby Taylor (if possible) -------------------------- Texas

​​John and Jewel Tuey ------------------------------ Illinois

Steve Eddington ------------------------------ Mississippi

Steve & Kathy Belew --------------------------------- Ohio

John Ford --------------------------------------------Illinois

​Donna & Marvin Richardson ----------------- Missouri

​Bob Lee ---------------------------------------------- Indiana

Dan Calhoon -------------------------------------- Missouri

Nancy Hopkins ------------------------------------- Illinois

Joyce & Delmar Miller ---------------------------- Illinois

Bob & Kathy Zipprich ----------------------------- Illinois

Page Parish III -------------------------------------- Illinois

​Chad Bird ----------------------------------------------- Iowa

​Jenna Bird Johnson ---------------------------- Wisconsin

Dennis & Sue Schultz ---------------------------- Michigan

​Ride for the Relay 2021 

Ride for the Relay 2021

This year was a great success.  The All the way Gang listed below with the help of their sponsors and a lot of hard work raised over $12,000.  This will enable us to make a sizeable donation to the Mia Ware Foundation.  ( and I will have more about that donation later.

Congratulations to all those that participated by Riding/Driving part of the way, to those who sponsored others and to those that helped by getting involved.  Several of you made the extra effort but it took all of you to make this LAST RIDE a success.

2021 All the Way Gang

Rodger L. Fox, John Ford, Bob & Kathy Zipprich, Dan & Pat Curry, Page Parrish III,

Jerry Thelander, Bob & Pam Braam, Christopher Braam, Gary & Lee Parfitt,

Tom & Stacey Sutton, Steve Eddington, Gary Burrell, Butch & Judy Royse,

Paul Boivin, Linda Schultz, Dick & Mary Schultz, Chris Schultz-Buechner, Sue Murphy 

Ride for the Relay History

2006   -  $5,051.00     - 1 Rider

2007   -  $8,123.00  -  6 Riders

2008  - $15,190.00 - 26 Riders

2009  - $25,000.00 - 27 Riders

2010  - $23,517.87 - 31 Riders

2011  - $18,661.31 - 57 Riders

2012  - $30,408.00 - 43 Riders

2013  - $20,782.00 - 36 Riders

2014  - $35,000.00 - 56 Riders

​2015  - $50,266.00 - 99 Riders

​    10 year Total - $231,999.18 - 239 Different Riders

                2016  -$00,000.00  -  1st Annual Reunion

                 2017  -$00,000.00  -  2nd Annual Reunion

                 2018  -       $5,000  -  3rd Annual Reunion

                     2019  -  $9,997.12  -  We rode it backwards

I am waiting for the reports from the American Cancer Society for the last 4 years and will post the figures as soon as I get them.  You guys have done a great job.  This year we will

celebrate 15 years of the Ride for the Relay.  Come and be a part of it.