Day #2, Sunday, September 8, 2019

​Barstow, Ca to Kingman, AZ

Follow our Route 66 trip from California to Chicago

Jim Buecher, Dick and Mary Schultz.  There second day on the road.

Phil's Fish Market and Eatery, Moss Landing, CA.  When it is Butch and Judy there is always food, I just love them.

Ok there is no food that we can see.  What do you think is in front of them?

Steve Eddington ready to leave in the morning (9-6-19) - 3:30 am. Just have to drop a bag in the trailer & fill the cooler. .

Tom and Stacey Sutton are in Sturgis at a Mustang Show, I am so proud of them.

Rodger and Sue are ready.

On our way for the greatest ride ever

Getting ready to leave, on our way, or we are there and it is the day before we ride.

Janet and Patty are waiting on the the South West Chief, they are riding the rails to California.

The Hall gang from Indiana are on the way.

Judy and Butch at the Grand Caynon.

September 2 Terry, Ron, Mary, Norm, Jim Buecher, Dick, Mary and myself all ended up in Grand Junction.  None of us connected but we were all here.

Traveling from Morris, Illinois to San Bernadino, California for the 2019 RFTR rally. Stopped to see Mount Hood in Northwest Oregon because it seemed on the way. Lol

Good morning Rodger.  Stacey and I are in California.  Going today to see Stacey's uncle. 

Two days before leaving Michigan my sister Sharon Trezise passed away down in South Carolina after a sudden one week hospital stay where she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.  My niece and nephew wanted us to complete our planned trip.  Hearts have weighed heavy as services were just last Sunday.  Please pick out a portion of the Ride to dedicate to her and post on the web site as many family members will be following our trip.  Thanks Rodger.  Tom and Stacey Sutton

Ron Nollen is packed and ready to roll.

I am very impressed with the trailer, thank you Ron.

Day #3, Monday, September 9, 2019

​Kingman, AZ to Winslow, AZ

Norm and Mary are on their way.

Terry Theriot said he is in Oklahoma City.  You should have made it a selfie.

Rise, Jewel and John are doing the train thing.  Have a great trip guys.

Gary was packing on Monday August 26th and on the road on the 27th.  Today is August 30th and Gary is in Spokane, WA

Paul and sister Mary Ann are riding the rails too.  Have a great trip.

​Ride for the Relay 2021 

Each day I will try and post pictures and some information on that days adventures.  Please be advised that sometimes, time does't allow for much computer time and some places it is hard to get on the internet.  I will do the best I can. 

Hi All
Our day started with a good cup of coffee, and not so good breakfast at the Comfort Suites. It should be illegal what some of these hotels do to an egg. LOL
We visited Dorothy and ToTo, so Nancy could take some pictures for her grandkids. Then we headed south out of Liberal on 54 Hwy, until we got to Tucamcari NM. We had a nice lunch at the Pow Wow restaurant, and Nancy met a new best friend.  I took a picture of them together. They seemed to hit it off but I think Nancy did all of the talking which we all know she does so well. Anyway she named her new best friend Flo although I'm not sure why cause nothing Flo'd from her mouth only the drinks went in...LOL. All kidding aside, each booth had people painted on the wall of the booth like they were actually sitting there with you. Creepy but kinda neat. Doesn't take much to entertain us, does it? We jumped on the big road ( I-40 ) and put the hammer down. we went a little over 500 miles. We're in safe at a Comfort Suites at Gallop NM. 

Hi there, My husband, Jim, in the Jeep is headed over to my parent’s, Dick and Mary Schultz, house. Mom and dad are driving their Gold Wing trike and my husband will drive the Jeep. I’ll meet up with them next week. They’re on the way.