​​​The 2019 "Ride for the Relay" will officially start in San Bernardino, California 

When calling in your reservation always ask for the "Ride for the Relay special price".

Always let the motel know if you need a ground floor or handicapped accessible.

Always ask for a non-smoking room, unless you want smoking.

Day #0, September 6, 2019         0 miles          Meeting at 5:PM**

               Meeting in the lobby at 5:pm.  Everyone that is going on the Ride must attend.  The Ride this year will be quite different so we need to get all                       the ground rules laid out and understood.  Some of us will be going to the Santa Monica Pier tomorrow and others will be heading toward                         Bastow and we will all meet up in Barstow and have a wonderful banquet like we have had in the past.            

Day #1, September 7, 2019          (83 miles)          San Bernardino, Ca to Barstow, Ca**

               8:am The First Timers(Group #1) and old timers that want the whole experience of Route 66 will head West on I-10 for Santa Monica Pier.

               9:am  "All the Way Gang" members and those that just don't want to drive I-10 will head to Barstow, CA.  For sure we will be stopping at the Summitt                  Inn and paying our respects, we might go to the Victorville Museum and for sure Elmer Long's Bottle Forest just outside Barstow.

               6:pm there will be a Banquet which we would like everyone to attend, special speakers, and special events.

               Motel:  Not ready for reservations

Day #2September 8, 2019          (205 miles)          Barstow, Ca to Kingman, Az **

               8:am The blessings of the Bikes followed by dedications. Groups will depart every 15 minutes.  We will be heading to the Mojave Desert and the                         placing of our Memorial Stones.  From there we head to Needles, Ca and on to Oatman, AZ and into Kingman, AZ for our overnight. No evening                       plans for the group, everyone is on their own for dinner. This is a long day.

               Motel:  Not ready for reservations

Day #3, September 9, 2019         (224 miles)          Kingman, Az to Winslow, Az **

              8:am The blessings of the Bikes followed by dedications.  From Kingman we travel east through Seligman, AZ.  Some of us will go to the Grand                          Canyon, some will go off Route 66 and go through Jerome, AZ, Sedona on into Flagstaff and maybe some stopping to see the Meteor Crator and we                   will end up standing on the corner in Winslow, AZ.  It is a fine site to see.

Day #4, September 10, 2019          (190 miles)          Winslow, Az to Sky City Casino, Nm**

              8:am The blessings of the Bikes followed by dedicationsFrom Winslow, AZ we travel east to Sky City Casino, NM.  Today is beautiful country, the                      petrified forest, painted desert, and if we get there in time we will have lunch at Earl's Restaurant in Gallop, NM.  We hope to spend the night at the                      Sky City Casino but I have not been able to contact anyone there yet, if not at Sky City we will be in Grants, stay tuned.

Day #5, September 11, 2019          (253 miles)          Sky City, Nm to Santa Rosa, Nm **

              Today we respect the 911 victims, our military and all first responders by wearing red/white & blue.

              8:am The blessings of the Bikes followed by dedications.  From Sky City Casino/Grants, AZ  we will be heading to Albuquerque where we will stop and                visit with Bobby Unser.  Leaving Albuquerque one group will be going to Santa Fe another group will be going Madrid where much of the movie Wild                    Hogs was filmed and on east to Santa Rosa.

Day #6, September 12, 2019          (171 miles)          Santa Rosa, Nm to Amarillo, Tx**

              8:am The blessings of the Bikes followed by dedications.  From Santa Rosa we will travel to Amarillo. We should be able to make Russell Travel Plaza                for lunch just before entering Texas.  After lunch we will travel to Adrian, Texas (our halfway point​and have some ugly pie crust and a photo op with                everyone there.  Just before we arrive in Amarillo we will stop at the Cadillac Ranch.  Once in Amarillo I hope to have time to clean up a little before                    being picked up by the Cadillac Lemo's that will take us to dinner at the Big Texan.

Day #7, September 13, 2019           (282 miles)          Amarillo, Tx to Oklahoma City, Ok*

              8:am The blessings of the Bikes followed by dedications.​  From Amarillo we head for Oklahoma City.  Leaving Amarillo we will see the Cross ​and the                  Leaning Tower of Texas near Broom Texas.  Following Old Route 66 we will go into Elk City, Oklahoma and we will stop at the Route 66 Museum.                      When we get to Oklahoma City there will be a tour down town to see the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.  If there isn't time in the evening we will                    go down there the next morning.

Day #8, September 14, 2019          ​(265 miles)          Oklahoma City, Ok to Joplin, Mo **

              8:am The blessings of the Bikes followed by dedications.  From Oklahoma City we head for Joplin, MO.  On our way there are many thing to see and I                can't promise we will see them all but we will do what we can.  In Tulsa we normally go to the Cancer Centers of America for a very nice Lunch and a                  tour.  There is the Rock Cafe and the Blue Whale.  We will be in Miami and Afton.  We might run into Crazy Legs and Ron "Tattoo Man" Jones and his               1956 Custom Chevrolet.  We will go through Galena, Kansas home of Tow Mater, the tow truck from the movie "CARS".

Day #9, September 15, 2019          (197 miles)          Joplin, Mo to Rolla, Mo**

              8:am The blessings of the Bikes followed by dedications.  From Joplin, MO we travel to Rolla, MO.  From Joplin, Mo we will see many attractions and I                hope we can work it in to have lunch at Gary Turners' just before we get to Springfield, Mo.  I am going to count on Roy Staeger to get us a police                        escort through Springfield.  We will be going through Hooker's Gap and Devil's Elbow.

Day #10, September 16, 2019          (173 miles)          Rolla, Mo to Raymond, IL

               8:am The blessings of the Bikes followed by dedications. From Rolla, MO we will see several sites including ice cream at Ted Drews in St Louis, you                    will see the Arch and the Rabbit Ranch plus a few other sites.  We will end the evening with a banquet.  More on this day later.

Day #11, September 17, 2019          (138 miles)          Raymond, IL to Bolingbrook, IL ?  I just talked with the Manager of the last motel I am trying to get                        and they are going to call me tomorrow.  It is a go, just have to get the contracts.  This will be our last night together on the Road.


Keep watching for more up dates


In 2006 Rodger L. Fox had an idea to raise money for the American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life".  His plan was to get people to sponsor him to ride Old Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, California.  That first year raised around $3,500.  People gave him $66 at the start and another $66 if he finished.  Not only did he finish but got some national attention from a magazine called Wing World (a Honda Motorcycle Club organization).  This put his name out there and he started getting calls as to when he would be making the ride the following year.  Rodger had only planned to do this once but thought maybe another year would be fun and maybe more that just him would make it a little better fundraiser.  To make a long story a little shorter, he did it for 10 years, was joined by over 233 people who went all the way (All the Way Gang) on motorcycles and in cars and trucks.  The group over the 10 years raised over $250,000 with all of it going to the American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life".  It wasn't just the "All the Way Gang" but hundreds of people made donations and rode part of the way to help find a Cure For Cancer.

In 2016 the Ride for the Relay had it's first Ride for the Relay Reunion in Decorah, Iowa.  It was hosted by the Bird Family with Chad Bird being the leader.  It was a great success and a lot of fun.  It is hard to explain all the excitement we had.  The placing of the Memory Rocks at the creek near the camp grounds to the great Rides in the area, it was a great success.  Click on the memu above for "1st Annual Reunion 2016".

In 2017 the Ride for the Relay Reunion was in Evansville, Indiana.  Click on the menu above for "Second Annual Reunion 2017".  Host Scott and Christina Whitfield did a wonderful job of hosting the event and making everyone feel welcome.  If you could not join us but wanted to help, you can click the DONATE BUTTON below or mail your donation to:

In 2018 the Ride for the Relay Reunion was in Springfield, Missouri.  Click on the menu above for "Third Annual Reunion 2018".  Host Roy and Virgina Steager did such a great job and got us so excited about Route 66 that we are going to Ride it again in 2019.  Watch this web site for all the latest information.  Roy and Virgina the work you put into this Reunion was awesome just like you guys.

Rodger L. Fox

63 E. Central Park Plaza

Jacksonville, Illinois 62650

​If you have questions please call 217-473-1525.

​Ride for the Relay 2019