​Ride for the Relay 2021 

Steve Conro

The day before the Ride we would all meet at the Double Tree Hotel, Downers Grove, Illinois (This was our Chicago Headquarters).  Check in get your t-shirts, patches, pins and etc.  That evening a good meal and getting acquainted.  With 12 days in front of us, there was a lot to talk about.

Jerry Thelander

2008 we increased our Riders from 6 the year before to 26.  We had riders from 6 different states in 2007 and now in 2008 we have riders from 12 different states and Germany.  In 2008 we had people that would become very special to the Ride and began the making of a Great Family.  Of the 26 Riders that went 20 of them went more than once in the following years.  Steve Conro come on board and was a major part of our leadership and logistics every year but never got to go all the way because of his work commitment.  In 2015 we made him an Honorary Member of the All the Way Gang (he is our one and only honorary member).  Jim Engling joined us this year and worked hand and hand with Steve in organizing our trips out of Chicago and Jim was on every Ride that followed and a member of the All the Way Gang 6 times.  Gary Gallo become my right hand man and made the trip 7 times, when there were problems I could lean on Gary.  Now I can't mention everyone but would just say that we all become really close and remain to keep in touch and many of our All the Way Gang members 

​travel on other trips together.  Like I said we started becoming a large family.  Now here are some pictures