​​​​​​​​​​​​​Day #0 (Sept 6)---I am working with Luis at the Best Western Plus Arrowhead Hotel in the Colton, CA .

                                     909-572-3260  (This is the same Hotel we stayed at before when it was the Hampton Inn)

The Best Western mgr Luis will not work with me at all, unlike the old Hampton.  Now working with Dhar at the Quality Inn, 1750 S. Waterman Ave., San Bernardino, Ca, phone 909-888-4827.  I think he will work with me.  I have called 3 times to talk with him and never got to talk with him or didn't get a call back.  Three more calls no talk and no return.  I think I now look elsewhere.   2-7-19 I called again and left all my information, we will see if he calls.  I never heard back from the Quality Inn.  (4-9-19) I found the "Sure Stay Plus Hotel by Best Western.  The manager's name is Panna and she was excited that we would pick her motel.  I know nothing about this place so I am taking a chance.  She is going to try and get us a $66 rate.  I will talk to her again in the near furture but I am sure this is a go.  (4-10-19)  Panna and I had a good talk.  I got the rooms for $89 including tax.  I also reserved my my rooms for Sept 4/5/6 (Locked in for 2)

Sure Stay Plus Hotel

Best Western

294 E. Hospitality Lane

San Bernardino, CA  92408

(909) 381-1681

Ask for the Ride for the Relay Special Rate of $89 including tax

​Note:  Request the type of room you want and what floor.

​[SureStay Plus Hotel]

Day #1 (Sept 7)---(83 Miles)---Group A will go to the Santa Monica Pier at 8:am and that is where they start there Ride, Group B will start at 9:am form the                                              Colton Hotel.  Our day will end with a banquet at the Quality Inn Motel in Barstow, CA after seeing all the sights along the way.  I am working                                        with Veronica at 760-256-6891 call after 9am, I talked with night mgr on 1-8-19

                               Talked with Veronica Renteria (mgr) 1-22-19, she is checking with Mr Wong and will eMail me  with our rate.  ​(locked in for 2)

Rate:  $49 Standard room $59 Courtyard View + taxes

  (I have my rooms)

​Ask for the "Ride for the Relay Rate" to get these prices

Cut off date for your reservesions  is August 9th.

​You will receive Breakfast for 2

Quality Inn Barstow 
1520 E Main Street
Barstow, CA 92311
Phone: 760-256-6891
Fax: 760-269-3578


Day #2 (Sept 8)---(205 miles)---We will have established groups but for the most part we will all be going the same way.  Leaving Barstow and traveling across                                      the Mojave Desert where we will be leaving our painted rocks and traveling through Needles, CA  to Oatman, AZ and on in to the Quality Inn                                            Motel in Kingman, AZ.s Manager Gill has us 40 rooms blocked at $49.  I have my rooms .  ​(locked in for 2)

Quality Inn
1400 East Andy Devine Avenue
Kingman, Arizona
Telephone:  (928) 753-4747
Ask for the "Ride for the Relay" special price of $54.99
This does include breakfast.

​This is for the 2021 Ride for the Relay, we need rooms for  September

​Day #3 (Sept 9)---(224 miles)---From Kingman we travel east through Seligman, AZ.  Some of us will go to the Grand Canyon, some will go off Route 66 and go through Jerome, AZ, Sedona on into Flagstaff and maybe some stopping to see the Meteor Crator and we will end up standing on the corner in Winslow, AZ.  It is a fine site to see.  Tully is my contact (Manager).  James is who I have talked with today 1-22-19,  2-7-19 I called James again for information.

I need to book my rooms.  ​(I have my 1 room locked in)

Quality Inn

1701 North Park Drive

Winslow, AZ 86047

Phone:  928-289-4638

Ask for the "Ride for the Relay" Special price of $70.

Must make room reservations before August 15th, 2019

​Day #4 (Sept 10)---(190 miles)---Winslow, AZ to near Sky City Casino, NM.  Today is beautiful country, the petrified forest, painted desert, and if we get there in time we will have lunch at Earl's Restaurant in Gallop, NM

We will end the day in Acoma, AZ at the Sky City Casino Hotel.​  Laura Grant was my contact.  I don't believe Laura is there anymore, I now talk to Charlotte Tsosie (I called 3-8-19) (888)759-2489 and I left a message for  her to call me.  Called 3-11-19 they were to busy to talk.  Ask that I call back in 10 minutes.  (3-13-19) called and left message.  I received an eMail form Charlotte wanting to know when we would be there.  I sent her back a reply and asked for a rate of $66.  We will see?  I reserved my rooms.  7-19-19 I called for Charlotte, left a message and ask that she call me back.  (Sky City 2 rooms locked in)

​Sky City Casino

I-40 Exit #102

​Acoma Pueblo, NM

(888) 759-2489

​Ask for the Ride for the Relay special rate of $66

Special parking for motorcycles will be provided

Day #5  (Sept 11)---(253 miles)---Leaving Acoma, AZ  going to visit with Bobby Unser in Albuquerque, then to Santa Fe and on east to Santa Rosa. Barbara White is the manager.  Barbie was not in and I spoke to Geanette who remembers us from before.  Barbie will call me back.  She is the one that spent a day with Wilson Nichols.  I spoke with Barbie and she gave us a rate of $85 and we must have our rooms reserved by August 15th.  I have my rooms booked.​  (new manager (Deanette) acts like she has no idea what is going on, this worries me, both rooms under my name.

(My 2 rooms are locked in under my name) 
Santa Rosa, New Mexico
Hampton Inn
2475 Historic Route 66
Santa Rosa, New Mexico
Telephone: (575) 472-2300
Be sure to ask for a room for the Ride for the Relay​ Special of $85

Day #6 (Sept 12)---(171 miles)---From Santa Rosa we go to Amarillo.  I want to get in early enough to go to Bob Liles gift shop and of course the Big Texan for Dinner. I left a message (3-8-19) for Anthony Urias 806-467-9997 manager of Hampton Inn in Amarillo.  This is where we have stayed for several years, I asked for him to call me back (3-13-19) I got a call from Anthony Urias but I was unavailable.  I called and left a message.  ​I worked everything out with Anthony today.  40 rooms $89. I booked my rooms.  

​​(My 2 rooms are Locked in)

Hampton Inn

6901 I-40 West

Amarillo, Texas 79106

Telephone:  (806) 467-9997

​Ask for the 2019 Ride for the Relay special of $89

Day #7 (Sept 13)---(258 miles)---This will probably change but for now we end up in Oklahoma City.

Don't yet if there will be a tour of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Also a group to the Bombing Site down town Oklahoma City.

​I have talked to the Landrunner (10-12-18) about motels in the area.  Steve Conro gave me information on a motel in Oklahoma City and I booked it.  Only booked one room.  Contact person is Kelsey Rally, GM is Matt Wade. 

( Terina told me that my one room was in the system)

Comfort Inn

1809 East Reno Ave.

Oklahoma City, OK 73117t

Telephone:  405-609-6651

Ask for the Ride for the Relay 2019 Special of $79.

​Day #8 (Sept 14)---(218 miles)---Joplin is a must stay, Chris Byers has been so good to us.  I have been in contact with Chris by way of messanger on facebook,  He is working on our stay.  Chris got promoted to Regional Manager for Hilton Garden Inn's and there is a new manager in Joplin, however Chris will still be a part of us and help us.  3-26-19 I talked with him and told him I would like to have something by April 1.  (4-10-19 I talked with the new manager Christa and we lined everything up.  We got a rate of $80.  I have my rooms reserved.

  (Regina is taking care of me (I Hope), it is a bit of a cluster) 

(My 2 rooms are locked in)

Hilton Garden Inn
 2644 E 32nd St, Joplin, MO 64804
Phone: (417) 206-6700

​Ask for Ride for the Relay special rate of $80.

​Day #9 (Sept 15)---(179 miles)---From Joplin we go to Rolla, MO no reason to stay there, we can go further if we want.  Check out the Pear Tree Inn, 2006 N. Bixhop Ave, Rolla 65401  573-364-4000.  Steve is the manager I talked with and gave him all the information, he was excited and gave us a $80 price.  This morning I got a call from the owner Mike and he for sure blocked 40 rooms and gave us a better price of $75.  I booked my rooms.  (July 19, no one could help me about my rooms.  (8-5-19 I called and talked to Steve and he wants me to talk Joe johnson) No comps as of today)

Best Western Coachlight

1403 Martin Springs Drive

Rolla, Missouri 65401

(573) 341-3752

Ask for the Ride for the Relay Special to get your $75 price

​Day #10 (Sept 16)---(173 miles)---Rolla, Mo I am thinking to Raymond, IL out by I-55.  I have not talked with them yet but I have stayed there many times and I feel sure they will work with us.  I want to have a banquet that night also.  They have everything under one roof, resturant, bar, swimming pool and banquet rooms, also a free hot breakfast.  April 22, I called to conferm.  I am dealing with Dan and left word for him to call me back.  (my two rooms are blocked)

Magnuson Grand Hotel & Conference Center

19067 West Frontage Road (Route 66)

Raymond, Illinois 62560

(217) 324-2100

Ask for the Ride for the Relay special rate of $69.50

There will also be a banquet that evening costing $20 each including Taxes and Tip

​Day #11 (Sept 17)---(124 miles)---Joliet, Ill will be the official end of the Ride with day 12 being a trip to the Navy Pier for those that want the complete experience.  I have to make a trip to the Chicago area and look over the area around the Del Ray Chicken Basket place.  April 22, 2019 I am trying to make plans with the Best Western Plus in Bolingbrook, IL.  Today is my second call and they are to call me back.  Here is hoping.  I got it for $79 plus tax and they have a laundry facility.

I called about my rooms on July 26 and left message for Felecia Collier to call me back.  (8-5-19 I called for Felecia.  Felecia does not take care of my rooms but  Ashunti Parris does and she set me up with my two rooms.  (My two rooms are booked)

Best Western Plus Bolingbrook

225 South West Frontage Road

Bolingbrook, IL 60440


Ask for the Ride for the Relay special rate of $79.

​Day #12 (Sept 18)---(32 miles)---The Ride for the Relay 2019 officially ended when we reached Bolingbrook.  However for those folks that want the whole Route 66 adventure, they will continue on Old Route 66 to the Navy Pier.  That mileage is on interstate and the group will be taking Old Route 66 and I will guess about 10 more miles and about 3 hours more.

​$879.50 = Total motel cost
$73.29 = Cost per night average

​Ride for the Relay 2021 

September 7, 2019 we will be riding Old Route 66 from Colton, CA to Chicago, IL.  It will be 12 days of fun and excitement.  If you have already become a All the way Gang member this will be a whole new trip.  Ok you are understanding what I am talking about, we are running the Old Route 66 from the West to the East and you will see everything you missed going East to West.  Now for you that have never done this Ride know this.  You do not have to ride a motorcycle (I will be driving a fourwheeler) to be a part.  Our goal for this trip is to raise $50,000 and we will be asking you to do your part.